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About counselling

Counselling allows us to explore our issues/problems in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental setting. I am a firm believer in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship and the change that this can bring about. Therapy is about looking at you and your role in your own life. We can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves or how we respond to others. This realisation can be very empowering and a great stimulus for change.

No matter how strong we may consider ourselves to be, from time to time we all find ourselves facing tough situations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and lost. At its heart, counselling is about two people in a room talking. A counselling session takes the form of a conversation, with the difference being that one person is a counsellor, and the other a client, and the conversation is all about the client. The client can use this conversation to identify problems, find solutions, and explore what is really going on for them so they can find a way forward. The counsellor listens, and provides a safe, non judgmental space so the client can feel heard, understood, and accepted.

It sounds simple, and in many ways it is – but in our lives, how often does someone really gives us this space without having their own agenda? This is not to say that a good counsellor won’t challenge clients – part of the role is to challenge thinking or feeling patterns that might be stuck, unhelpful or negatively affecting people and their lives and relationships, so that new patterns and ways of thinking, feeling and being can be established.

Counselling can be short term or long term, this is decided between us. Sessions are usually weekly, are 50 minutes in length, and are at a set time each week – however I can be flexible. In the first session we can discuss what has brought you into therapy and what you want to achieve from therapy. Importantly we would also decide if we want to work together, if I feel that I can be of help to you and if you feel you want to work with me.


An initial telephone assessment will allow us to discuss your requirements in more detail and decide whether we would like to work together.

If you would like to proceed the fee will be £50 per session.

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." - CARL R. ROGERS

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